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Mr. Saigon FTW, and just $5.50

Yes, you CAN have lunch for $5.50 near the Seattle office, thanks to Mr. Saigon! Here's what three Avalarian pioneers to the newly-opened Pioneer Square location have to say:

"I went, got the C1 Classic Mr Saigon Bahn Mi, but I really should have read the menu better. C1 has pate spread, in-house mayo, soy sauce, jambon, headcheese, Vietnamese ham. Anyways, after my first bite, I pulled that stuff off, and had a 'light' bahn mi. The bread is pretty great. The cream puff was great too. I will go back for a different sandwich for sure."

"I’ve been to the Mr. Saigon on 2nd & Pike, it’s pretty good. They bake their bread in-house, the flavors are on point, and the price is right. Glad there’s one by the office now." "I got the C4 and LOVED it. My friend got the tofu banh mi, and said it had more flavor than usual for tofu, she was a fan.The fresh rolls were also delicious."

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